Residential Aerial Photography: Elevate Your Listings Now!

Today, many marketers around the globe find tactics and strategies on how to get paying customers. One of the famous marketing ways now is through using Residential Aerial Photography. 

One of the most recent real estate developments is the use of drones to capture amazing aerial photographs that offer a unique viewpoint when it comes to showcasing properties. Drones are being used to photograph private homes, hotels, resorts, vacant land, commercial properties, and other real estate listings. Still, photos, video, multiple overhead map images, and even 360-degree panoramas are all possible with today’s drone camera technology.

Real estate brokers and the multi-family housing industry aren’t the only ones that use drone imagery. Drone imaging is widely used for land surveying, 3D mapping, damage assessment, and agricultural processes in a variety of industries.

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Residential Aerial Photography can provide breathtaking landscapes

If you are selling a property in a famous city landmark, aerial photography can help you show how beautiful the asset is. Not only the house but also the surroundings around it. With the help of a drone photo, you can show effectively how good a location is, its accessibility, and how near the shopping malls or tourist destinations.

The effectiveness of drone technology is not all about explaining the details of a place. It is a perfect way to present the geographic points of a place from its features up to the features of the property.

Why consider drone photography?

Considering drone photography is worth it and very straightforward. However, you need to think about things first before getting into this kind of innovation.

If you’re considering purchasing your own drone, you’ve made a wise decision. However, though drones are easy to deploy, you still need to undergo training and understand better some laws and restrictions when having a drone. You need to sign up to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and comply with their rules in registering a drone and a license.

For example, if you are located in a place near an airport, your drone needs to be under 400 feet above the ground to accomplish your request to fly if you wish to exceed the limit.

There are also insurance provisions related to the use of drones in the real estate industry. Some general liability policies can be generalized to include drone crashes, although this is not always the case. Drone liability insurance is provided by companies like Verifly.

The type, technique, and experience of your drone piloting maneuvers are also important factors to consider. Aerial video necessitates smooth and steady movements; otherwise, the footage would appear jerky and make viewers dizzy. It’s critical to hone the aerial cinematic skills that allow these transitions, such as delicately handling and manipulating the control sticks.

Another major problem when flying drones is privacy. Many citizens remain concerned and skeptical about drones flying around their neighborhoods. People would be curious about your drone’s motives, from worried residents to parking lot security guards. It is your duty to understand how to be a successful business steward and to inform them respectfully on the rules and regulations. You should be fine as long as you operate on a professional basis.

Residential Aerial Photography is a great addition for marketing

As an ordinary picture says a thousand words, what else can an aerial picture give? Maybe a million? If you think aerial photography is like a typical picture of a place, asset, or a building, well, think again. When talking about residential aerial photography, it is a breathtaking image or video of a certain asset or property which makes it a perfect way to present a place. It gives beyond the location and eventually sells.

Make those drone photos relevant to your digital marketing things. You can also use these creatives in posting your listings to social media sites and other platforms where there is a probability of sale. Regardless of what your industry or business is, aerial photography can present amazing visuals which can largely help you in marketing prospect buyers.

Why consider professionals in doing Residential Aerial Photography?

For residential real estate professionals, using drones to showcase properties from the air has rapidly become an industry best practice.

It has been shown that using aerial photography to showcase a property in depth helps to sell listings more quickly. Aerial footage has also been proven to sweeten the deal: When the aerial video is included, 73 percent of homeowners claim they are more likely to list with a real estate agent who uses video to sell their house.


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There are many reasons why you need to consider getting into drone professionals. Here are some reasons;


In Local Aerial Photography, we provide high-quality aerial information like Residential Aerial Photography and output relevant to your needs. You will be working hand in hand with various drone pilots who can deliver tasks and shoot on time with quality.

Working under pressure

In addition to the expertise, the service provider also delivers outputs in a quick turnaround time without compromising the quality of work.

Pilot Network Compliance

If you are looking for a perfect team for your residential aerial photography, engaging with a reliable team that is accurately connected with the FAA is the best choice. To have a successful drone project, you have to work with someone who is knowledgeable enough.

Local Aerial Photography: Your perfect partner for your business needs

In addition to commercial aerial photography, this company also offers efficient residential aerial photography wherein we cover different cities around California and effectively work out with different projects and flights. With us, you can ensure that you are working professionals that provide state-of-the-art yet quality photos and videos perfect for your project.

If you are wondering about a perfect drone photographer in California, let Local Aerial Photography cover and provide your needs effectively. We cover different industries from commercial up to residential aerial photography which can surely fit your needs.

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