Elevate Real Estate Virtual Tours with Aerial Photography

Today, marketing in various businesses becomes challenging as many strategies and tactics are discovered. Focusing on real estate, how do agents nowadays present their listings? If you are an agent, do you know how you will stand out among your competitors? How can you turn your viewers into buyers? What is the best yet appealing way of presenting a property to your prospective buyers? Well, let Aerial Photography help you.

What is Aerial Photography?

In this world of business, having the right image or presentation can be surely a hit in getting customers. Therefore, the picture must be something catchy yet powerful. The question now is, how to do a powerful image? Aerial photography is the answer. 

With the help of a drone, anyone can achieve a different perspective of a subject such as homes, lots, and buildings. Through capturing footage from up above, you and your audience can discover a more extensive beauty of your subject.

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Generally, aerial photography began during the old times by renting helicopters and pilots. There is a time that people use to attach a camera to a balloon and let it explore and get pictures while flying. However, quality is not unsure with these practices until drones came into the scene.

Drones are known to be stable yet very functional. They can reach even the most complicated parts of a property and can provide high-quality photographs. With drones, you can achieve an in-depth view and see closer intricate details.

Relevance of Aerial Photography to the Real Estate

If you want to stand out in your business, you need to update the way you approach potential customers. As a real estate agent, if you want to get a sale, you need to elevate your marketing skills and show a comprehensive appearance of a property that can help customers with their decision-making.

As mentioned before, drones can efficiently work with commercial and residential. From above, drone pilots can capture 8 to 10 amazing aerial images focusing on the property. Residential listings like houses, apartments, and vacant lots can be presented showcasing nearby scenery emphasizing the location of the property.

On the other hand, commercial properties such as lands perfect for buildings, construction job sites, and renovation can also maximize the use of drones and can be presented in the most detailed manner. As a matter of fact, large sites hold the most advantages of drones as they can capture a single property in just one shot by using useful software and techniques. Also, drones can be a great tool in presenting overhead site maps of a property.

By choosing aerial photography, virtual tours and portfolios can be more appealing and a great marketing tool in ensuring customers. You can achieve the same result by digitally “stitching” multiple shots together into one very wide and continuous picture, but with much better detail. Drones can fly straight lines between waypoints autonomously using drone mapping software to automate picture taking.

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Aerial photography may also help large or higher-end houses, commercial property, land with a lot of acreages, or properties with scenic views since it provides a better vantage point from which to bring all the pieces together when prospective buyers are in front of their computers.

What are the benefits of drones to real estate?

Aside from being a significant way in marketing prospective customers, here are some valuable reasons why people in real estate should sign up for aerial photography;


Like location, accuracy is also one of the important factors in presenting a property. Through showing accurate footage and shots of a property from the ground up to aerial view, the customer will have a greater perspective or idea about the unit. It can be more relevant if you will explain important details through textual descriptions or verbally.


In the nature of the real estate industry, you always hear the term “location”. It is one of the factors you need to boost in selling a property. When we say location, you need to present a property, explaining what a customer can get when selling the unit. Is the home accessible to tourist spots? Is it near the shopping malls or groceries? With the help of an aerial photo, you can accurately show the location and its accessibility which can help in the decision-making of the client.


To support a great image or video, as a real estate agent you need to learn how to tell a story about your listing. Aside from getting aerial shots, presenting a cinematic video can help you get the “YES” of your potential buyer.

The 360-degree panorama is yet another common virtual tour tool. This shot is made with a drone at a single aerial spot, spinning and tilting the camera to capture overlapping photographs. When both of these images are combined with special tools, clients will have complete control over rotation, tilt, and zoom. This is a really immersive environment where they can sit in the drone and look around at their leisure.

Let Local Aerial Photography Help You

Leveling up to drone technology is not as easy as 123, you need to buy a unit, comply with FAA and get a license, and learn how to use it are just some of the requirements. If you think you don’t have time to deal with this, why not hire a drone pilot with us.

We offer the best yet professional drone services to different businesses including real estate. Our team provides the most breathtaking aerial footage which includes images, videos, mapping, and panorama. Our outputs give the most comprehensive perspective of a property captured from the sky. We will creatively showcase not only the unit but also its surroundings, tourist spots, and other relevant places which can help the buyer in his or her decision making.