Achieve Accurate Construction Inspection and Documentation with Aerial Photography

As our world is coping with continuous innovation and discoveries making various tasks easier, drones come into the scene, elevating the way of presenting a property or checking the development of a certain construction site.

According to the statistics, this year, there are already 7 million drones utilized across the United States. Some are used for hobby and most of them are deployed for business reasons. In addition to real estate, the construction industry invaded and took advantage of the benefit of aerial photography making documentation and inspection easy and budget-friendly.

Why choose Aerial Photography?

Through aerial photography, construction builders can monitor and present their projects in a unique yet accurate way. This type of photography can give a top-down view that enables contractors to access the most intricate details of the site and see potential problems.

With the help of drones, every contractor’s task becomes easy when it comes to accessibility and budget as well. Before, contractors needed to fly with helicopters and document progress from there. The traditional way of aerial photography is truly expensive as you need to get fuel, pilot, equipment, and also invest in executing photography. Today, drone entry became popular as it gives less hassle yet risk-free operations in the construction business from estimation up to checking the development of the site.

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Why consider aerial photography in construction?

Aside from making operations easy, aerial photography becomes beneficial in various ways. Here are some;

Accurate land survey

With the power of drones, contractors can easily monitor and assess a construction in just minutes. In doing a land survey, contractors typically deploy a large crew and it takes a week or more. With the help of aerial photography, it fastens the process and saves money as well which can largely useful to the expense of the project.

Traditional mapping or surveying methods take time to collect and process data, and they require human labor. Starting with high-resolution picture and video capture, a drone can complete the task much faster and at a lower cost than conventional methods. Drones, on the other hand, will survey a job in 60 to 70 percent less time if they are fitted with a sensor. Furthermore, if a construction site is hazardous or difficult to survey, drones will do so without putting people in danger.

Better communication and teamwork

This benefit significantly works with construction sites that have acres across. With drone aerial photography, monitoring, inspection, and documentation will be easier. It can also give superiors a wider perspective of the site and check the performance of the workers as well.

The aerial view provides a unique and useful insight to the team. Supervisors may use a high-resolution drone map to easily detect or anticipate any site access concerns, possible drainage issues, or health and safety risks. Then they’ll be able to connect with their team about site problems and address them more efficiently.

If you want to boost project efficiency while keeping costs and schedules on track, you should seriously consider drones and aerial imagery. From the first flight onwards, drones will provide tangible value to any project site.

Checking of construction progress

It’s difficult to take images with the same view, venue, or altitude week after week. Drones address these issues by allowing you to easily replicate flights each week, ensuring that your progress images and reports are still consistent and capture the main data you need. In this step, eliminating variances increases efficiency and lowers costs.

You will have the project intelligence to proactively take action to minimize rework that will adversely impact cost and schedule by finding every process of the project that is getting delayed and tracking the job sites. The more data you have at your fingertips, the more leverage you will have over your project in the long run.


Drones are proven safer than getting into a manned craft. By choosing aerial photography through drones, there is no need to deploy manpower and can minimize the risk of a possible accident. Though there are some accidents brought by drones, they are not so serious which can cause major disability or even death.

Drones are being used by construction managers to avoid accidents and injuries. Drones can help minimize the risk of worker injuries by allowing everyone to see what’s going on on the job site through photos and videos. It becomes much easier to foresee problems like shallow excavations, unstable structures, equipment placements, and worker protection. 

Companies are increasingly turning to drones to increase production and worker safety by inspecting job sites and identifying possible hazards before they become hazardous. In the end, the project and the company have a much cleaner building site and are exposed to less financial risk.

Why is drone photography a Budget-friendly Option?

With the help of drones, various construction tasks like land survey and inspection can be easy yet cost-effective at the same time accurately. Many problems in our society have become easier to do due to technological advancements. Aerial photography has long been thought to offer construction companies an advantage. Using the advantages of aerial drone photography today, get your job done safely, accurately, and record your success for future marketing.

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Let Local Aerial Photography Take the Job

Investing in aerial photography has many advantages. Construction firms, in particular, will benefit from using aerial photographs and videos to showcase their best work. However, finding the right photographer is critical.

When it comes to aerial photography, you need to work with professionals with extreme expertise in drone technology. Generally, we cover various industries from real estate up to construction sites making tasks such as inspection and documentation easier yet accurate.

We cover various cities in California and are equipped with the best drones and pilots that can surely deliver the best headshots and cinematic videos that suit your needs. If you are in need of drone service, feel free to contact us and let our team efficiently work with your drone needs accordingly.