Commercial Aerial Photography: Effectively Turn Viewers to Customers

As we are coping with the new technology and gadgets, drones successfully capture various industries, elevating the new process of presenting assets and projects. The Commercial Aerial Photography has the ability to capture different points of view of any place or project. With the help of the drone, presenters can extend and reveal the beauty of a certain project from high above.

During the mid-19th century, commercial aerial photography was basically launched with adventurous amateurs wherein they deploy cameras with the use of kites, rockets, and balloons. However, there is no assurance that your camera will get back as you can’t control the material that supports the camera.

Now, different industries even private individuals enjoy the perks of drone technology and it largely helps various tasks especially in marketing and sales tasks. The most basic advantage of drone commercial aerial photography is that it assists customers in recognizing your business, determining the location, and what to expect when they arrive. 

The important basis of the aerial photography is that they need to tell consumers the “plot” in order to entice them in. It’s all about the story you’re telling your future clients about why they need you and why they need your services.

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What are the benefits of Commercial Aerial Photography?

Commercial aerial Photography already creates a huge impact on commercial real estate agents as they can effectively present their commercial listings in a more creative way. Through drone technology, agents can present beautiful houses and show flawlessly listings from different angles. Aerial photography becomes one of the best ways in doing marketing applications.

Today, commercial and residential real estate companies are fully oriented and assume drone aerial photography and video is one of the strongest ways of presenting listings. From the famous 360 degrees outdoor tours to aerial arenas, agents no wonder can amazingly beat other opponents in terms of marketing such houses or lots.

Here are some of the benefits of aerial photography for commercial real estate;

It gives a wonderful bird’s eye view

Through drone technology, real estate can offer breathtaking yet high-resolution photos at the same time videos for the real estate. Through drones, agents can show efficiently the most complicated part of the home including its neighborhoods and places around the asset.

It can show a more extensive background easily

Through commercial aerial photography, real estate agents can provide accurate manuals, surveys, property maps, and a more detailed overview of a certain asset. It can also capture effectively high-elevated photos yet full coverage including the most intricate details of the house. Commercial aerial photography can help agents market listings by moderate altitude shots along with catchy design layout and elements.

It is one of the most affordable photography

With drones, real estate can enjoy the benefit of saving while achieving extraordinary results in shooting aerial photos or videos. With this advantage, both commercial and residential real estate agents can gain such an amazing advertising portfolio in presenting a certain asset without spending too much money.

The real estate industry is becoming more competitive. As a result, there’s a constant fight to make the listing stand out. Whether it’s through our HDR photography or Virtual Tour services, we’ve helped several real estate agents and businesses stand out from the crowd. 

The next major piece of the puzzle is commercial aerial photography. A dramatic drone video of your property and its surroundings will really make your listing stand out. Even if you aren’t planning to sell, aerial photography of your land may be useful for keeping track of your property boundaries or filing insurance claims.

What are the use of Commercial Aerial Photography?

This is particularly useful for companies in the building or remodeling industries. Aerial imaging has the ability to illustrate in a way that ground photos or even visits to the physical location cannot. A literal bird’s eye level view will reveal the drastic changes you’re making to the project over time, as well as help you figure out where future phases can go. Our low rates allow you to take several aerial shots during your project to display the stages of production. Even if you choose a simple presentation of the finished product, aerial photography will help cement the good work you’ve done in the minds of your customers.

Drones are increasingly being used to capture aerial imagery and video for commercial brokers. Above-the-shoulder shots produce eye-catching photography that is ideal for sales. Drones are also being used for commercial evaluation aerial photography, which is gaining popularity. The explanation is straightforward. 

A commercial real estate agent can see items that aren’t visible on the ground from the air. Climbing to the roof can also be inconvenient or dangerous, such as during an ice storm or even a pandemic! That’s why Local Aerial Photography makes it simple for commercial industries to present various listings and get a sale.

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Contact Local Aerial Photography for your Marketing Presentations

A large number of companies find themselves mainly advertising online, often via social media sites such as Facebook. On the other hand, most customers would try to research your business online, whether through your website or a Facebook page before visiting your store. 

As a result of these trends, having high-quality images to showcase your company online is more critical than ever. You may have dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of images posted by your customers and clients to social media sites like Facebook or Google Maps, but many of them were taken ineptly with a smartphone.

Commercial Aerial photography today has the incredible potential of capturing footage from a unique viewpoint of any commercial property, whether it is a large tract of land or a crowded urban area. Furthermore, it improves a real estate agent’s or broker’s ability to highlight the unique features of a property listing in a unique and innovative way that attracts interest and leads to buyer action.

With Local Aerial Photography, we can make everything easy for you. Our team is equipped with the most professional yet creative drone photographers making your documentation and presentation more breathtaking. Turning your prospects to sales, with our outputs, you can assure that we will deliver the best yet high-quality photos and videos perfect for your project.