Aerial Videography: Create Compelling Videos for Various Purposes

With the current trends of marketing and promotion, no wonder people choose to have Aerial Videography in presenting such beautiful cities and houses as well. To get you to the point, we are now talking about how amazing a drone is in capturing headshots and videos. Also, it can help you regardless of your industry.

Aerial Videography has already reached a long way when it comes to various commercial markets and private individuals as well. Technically a drone can capture a video for around 30 to 40 minutes depending on the capacity of the drone. It can give high-quality footage and drone photos that at the same time can save you time and expense as well.

Generally, drone videography becomes one of the newest trends in terms of marketing as it is also associated with social media. These wonderful drones are used to fly or stand above a crowd or area. With this equipment along with aerial videography, you can extend and give a wider perspective to your clients and see the real beauty of your subject.

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Why consider Aerial Videography?

There are many reasons why you should consider getting into drone videography regardless of your industry. Here are some of the reasons;

A perfect marketing medium for the real estate and hospitality industries

Through aerial photos and videos can give extensive information to a certain property or building by providing a residential image. It can rapidly tell the prospective buyer the location, size, features, and proximity to transportation through drone videos. It can also give a quick overview of places around a building or house.

As time goes by, drones become a great addition to property marketing. It gives buyers a more realistic preview of different homes and land properties they might get interested in. If you want to get into this more comprehensive medium of marketing, contact our team and hire a drone operator now.

A perfect documentation

Aside from it gives a wider perspective to your client, aerial photography is also a great platform in creating documentation for industries like Roofing, Landscaping, Construction, and lighting. Through drone videos, you can share with a client the progress as well as the results of the project. 

Also, aerial videography can be a powerful tool for marketing presentations. These videos can be also posted to your Facebook pages and other social media accounts and let your target market see them quickly. You can also add it to your website and make it more appealing.

Save your time and money

If you think renting a helicopter and a pilot can save you money, well, you are completely wrong. Aside from renting out a pilot and plane, you still need to get permits to the city. Unlike with drones, you can deploy them quickly provided that you have the unit and license. If you wish to give a try drone technology but have no unit, you can still have it with us, the Local Aerial Photography.

These are some of the few reasons why people choose drone videography. To sum it up, drones can elevate the value of your video, whether you are working with a corporate video, presenting a product or service, or showing a subject from a different perspective, a drone is one of the hottest trends now in terms of videos and marketing as well.

Outshine your competitors

With the updated trend of marketing, achieving better visuals can make you stand out from the competition. Like the traditional one, people are fond of looking for brochures that have vibrant, colorful and attractive images unlike plain ads made in black and white like what you see in a newspaper. 

Like what we have with social media sites, most people spend hours scrolling Facebook and Instagram and check things that they’re interested in. Through utilizing aerial photography and videography, you can boost your listings and let your market notice you.

It boosts the perspective of the viewer

Of course, not all people are widely oriented with drones and what they can give. Videos captured through a drone can automatically give a “WOW” factor. With this matter, viewers can see a different perspective that can uplift their visual experience to a wider level. With Aerial Videography, the audience can see more of your subject and get mesmerized and finally get their attention. Regardless of your industry, a product of Aerial videography will surely get attention and a positive response as well.

What are the shots created by the drone?

Over time, drones became useful in many ways. Not only with business things but with personal needs as well. With the help of drone photography, you can explore deeper locations and catch high-quality aerial shots without being blurry. 

Usually, when we say drone photography, it requires a greater amount of depth along with an exquisite level of detail. Though it flies high above, it can still give you high-resolution photographs. Here are some of the many advantages why should you not miss getting into aerial photography;

Aerial videography became part of the trend as it can capture fast action events. Without interrupting people, you can easily capture the relevant event from above. Aside from recording a video, you can also snap some aerial photos for more reference.

Before the drones came, people used to get aerial views by renting out a plane or helicopter and a licensed pilot and finding a perfect moment to get “fast shots”. Along with this task, you need also to get some flight plans and permits with the city you wish to take shots. This task requires a lot of compliance and time as well. 

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Now, we can create these aerial shots quickly and even better by using drones. All you need to do is to fly a drone, training, and license as well. If you’re on a budget, drones are perfect for you. You can check for drone camera services if you can’t obtain a drone.

Local Aerial Videography in California

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