About Us

When it comes to an image and video, it should be something that tells a story. It must perfectly give the story behind your business, place, or property. In Local Aerial Photography, we specialize high-quality drone services that mainly cater to photography, videography, and other aerial drone services.

As of now, we efficiently give our outstanding services to different industries through elevating their marketing and operations as well. We cater to industries such as real estate, construction, agriculture, and others, giving them the best yet quality outputs regardless of their needs.

Our services will not be successful without the experience and expertise of our team from our drone pilots up to our customer team, making everything set and suitable for each client. In Local Aerial Photography, we utilize the best drones and related software to successfully deliver the most outstanding drone services to your business or needs.

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Why Choose Us

In Local Aerial Photography, our mission is to provide quality yet professional drone services that can effectively meet turnarounds. With our unending passion and reliable work ethic, we strive always to meet our customers’ needs whether it is for personal or business matters. It is our pride to give our full commitment to delivering quality drone outputs.

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This commitment starts as we deploy the best drone pilots, photographers, editors, and customer personnel who professionally work, trying their best to meet our mission. In addition to being skilled in this industry, our team is also accessible and open to suggestions that can significantly give an outstanding output for our clients.

In Local Aerial Photography, we prioritize what’s best for our clients, business, and our team as well while your business grows. You are choosing excellence, innovation, professionalism, and compassion when you choose us. 

We enjoy collaborating with business owners, advertising agencies, architects, realtors, and other members of our group to bring their visions to life through stunning aerial photography. Every project benefits from our diverse skill sets, expertise, and equipment, resulting in a unique and polished final product.

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