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In Local Aerial Photography, creativity is your edge! When talking about aerial or drone photography, creativity is your main key to express what you really want to achieve. To give you a flashback, last year or two, various gadgets and innovations have been discovered making tasks and business operations easy yet effective. One of the amazing discoveries we have today is the drone.

What is Aerial Photography?

As it can be used for many purposes, no wonder aerial photography is a wonderful yet fun niche. When talking about aerial photography, an unmanned aerial system or drones take photographs from a high elevated position.

Traditionally, aerial photography takes place by renting out a plane or helicopter and a pilot. A photographer will ride a plane and take relevant shots from above. There are times that people used to attach a camera to a balloon and let it explore the surroundings, however, it’s not advisable as there’s and as you can’t detect the location of the camera.

Aerial Videography 3

Are you wondering what those flying cameras are? Those are what we call drones. They are one of the outstanding developments of photography that can capture breathtaking footage from up above. This little gadget can bring your photos and videos to the next level not only for personal reasons but for business purposes as well. In Local Aerial Photography, we specialize various drone services perfect for your needs.

What We Offer

In Local Aerial Photography, we offer a wide range of drone services that can largely help you. Here are some of the services we offer;

Aerial Photography

In the business sector, having the right image will surely catch the attention of your market. With the help of our team, we can create in-depth images perfect for your business. Mainly, we cover industries such as real estate, construction, agriculture, and other purposes. By capturing a property or your subject through a drone, you can discover the unique and real beauty of the subject along with the places that surround it. It is also a great service where you can check intricate details.

With our Aerial Photography services, you can take your pictures and portfolios to the next level! Local Aerial Photography invests heavily in imagination and planning, imagining what our team will do for our clients. You will experience the mystical side of this area not just for your business needs but also for your personal portfolio when you work with us.

Aerial Videography

Like what we have in Local Aerial Photography, videos have already captivated most of the marketing strategies in various commercial industries. Generally, a drone can capture a video for about 30 to 40 minutes which is enough to explain or relay to your market. With the use of the drone, you can achieve high-resolution footage which can be used not only for marketing purposes but for your other business agendas like websites, social media posts, and many more.

These are only a couple of the reasons why people opt for drone videos. To summarize, drones can add value to the footage, whether you’re working on a corporate video, showcasing a product or service, or showing a topic from a unique viewpoint. Drones are one of the hottest trends in video and marketing right now. To understand it better, you can consult our team in Local Aerial Photography.

Drone Inspection

Generally, this service is mostly used in industries that require more detailed visual inspections that can support various tasks or maintenance operations. By deploying drones, our customers can get visual data on an ongoing construction site or roofing inspection. Aside from giving quality visual data, it can also lessen the risk of accidents and expenses as well.

Visual inspections are indeed common in many industries to ensure that facilities were properly managed and ongoing projects were completed. In general, drone inspection isn’t just about saving money; it’s also about saving lives. You may also spot potential issues or problems with your site at the same time. Save time and sign in to this service with Local Aerial Photography.

Drone 3D Modelling

When talking about 3D modeling, it is a type of computer graphics technique used to present a three-dimensional graphical image of a surface or object. Relevant to businesses in different concepts such as architectural visualization, 3D tours for real estate, movies, video games, and also with academic research. Mainly, drone 3D modeling is largely utilized in the construction industry. It is used for making accurate presentations and monitoring a job site or asset. Drone 3D modeling can be a good tool for showcasing project progress and pre-built reports because it provides more accurate information about the job site.  An improved 3D model will display the site’s actual appearance to present a more realistic phase of the project. This form of a model can also be used as a potential guide for operations, repair, and evaluation. We offer this significant service in Local Aerial Photography.

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Industries We Cater

In Local Aerial Photography, we effectively work with various industries that focus on and in need of aerial photos and videos relevant for their operations, making tasks easy yet budget-friendly. Here are some of the industries that we cover;

Next to the industries that we cover in the construction business. With the help of Local Aerial Photography, contractors can check and monitor their job sites in a newer perspective yet accurate way. In this kind of photography, superiors, and clients can effectively see progress and potential problems to the site.

Every contractor’s job becomes easier with the aid of drones, both in terms of accessibility and cost. Contractors used to have to travel with helicopters and then chart their progress. The conventional method of aerial photography is extremely costly, as it necessitates the purchase of gasoline, a pilot, and equipment, as well as an investment in the photography itself. Drone entry has become common in the construction industry because it allows for less time-consuming and risk-free operations from estimate to site inspection.

Various construction tasks, such as land survey and inspection, can be made simple while remaining cost-effective and reliable with the aid of drones. Because of technological advances, many problems in our world have become easier to solve. Aerial photography has long been thought to provide a competitive advantage to construction firms. Get your job done safely, reliably, and document your performance for future marketing by using the benefits of Local Aerial Photography today.

Farmers used to manually monitor the condition of their farms in the olden days. It takes a lot of time and manpower, particularly if the land is large. As we are all familiar with modern technologies and discoveries, even agriculture is beginning to recognize the strength and capability of drones’ inaccessibility to crops and other plants on the ground. Drones may also be useful for locating livestock.

Farmers may use drones to get to the most difficult-to-reach areas that a regular farmer can’t. Farmers can get a fast reaction or assessment in doing management and accurately do appropriate precautionary measures or save a damaged crop with this flying vessel.

Drones can also perform efficient agricultural inspections using GPS position technology and 3D mapping, which are commonly used in soil analysis, planting patterns, irrigation, crop troubleshooting, and other farm management tasks.

Agricultural drones are changing the way farms optimize crop yield, reduce response time to storm or drought destruction, boost productivity, and maintain crop integrity and quality. This drone technology is used in smart farming to provide farmers with real-time drone agriculture inspection.

Aerial photography plays a significant role in relaying appealing virtual tours to prospective customers. By engaging with in-depth view houses and properties, you can get a catchy yet powerful marketing portfolio where you can showcase and present homes creatively and turn viewers into buyers.

Larger or higher-end homes, commercial property, land with a lot of acreages, or properties with scenic views may benefit from aerial photography because it provides a better vantage point from which to bring all the pieces together while prospective buyers are in front of their computers.

Drone 5

When we approach the new century, technology continues to transform markets, processes, and tasks in a more effective and comprehensive way. The situation is similar to what we have with drones. Drone photography is a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of purposes. Various industries now need 3D mapping and other related services from drones.

Local Aerial Photography specializes in a variety of sectors, including real estate, manufacturing, and agriculture. We also specialize in and provide services in a variety of areas, including activities, media, investigations, and documentation.

Why Choose Local Aerial Photography?

Drones have been useful in a variety of ways over time. Not only in terms of businesses, but also in terms of personal necessities. Drone photography allows you to explore deeper locations and capture high-quality aerial images that aren’t blurry.

Drone photography, in general, necessitates a greater depth of field as well as an exquisite degree of detail. Even though it flies high in the sky, it can still take high-resolution photos.

One of the key reasons people look into aerial photography is that it can be difficult to capture footage that a regular camera can. People used to get better aerial footage before drones were discovered by hiring a helicopter or renting a place, all of which are very expensive. Drones make it simple to get a bird’s-eye view of a building, place, or city.

However, not all drones are capable of capturing high-quality images, and not everybody can use a drone. Local Aerial Photography will provide you with the most experienced pilots who can provide you with the best headshots of your location or home.

However, not all drones are capable of capturing high-quality images, and not everybody can use a drone. Local Aerial Photography will provide you with the most experienced pilots who can provide you with the best headshots of your location or home.

Creating travel brochures, aerial posting, or social media posts with aerial images is efficient if you are a resort owner or someone who is associated with various resorts or tourist spots. Allow your target market to appreciate the beauty of your location from afar. Aside from blog posts, you can use these incredible aerial images to create a wonderful virtual tour of your location on your site. 

Drone Inspection 3

You can effectively check your construction project or commercial site’s development, as well as whether you need to display additional information or whether there are emerging problems, using aerial images. Previously, Local Aerial Photography used to conduct risky but costly roof or building inspections by allowing a contractor to scale the roof. We now have building photos that can be used to display potential roof leaks without having to climb a roof.

You can show people how good an event was by using aerial photography. If you want to record concerts or other large events, you can use drone videos in addition to photography. People can replay it whenever they like and savor every moment this way.

Let Local Aerial Photography Assist You

You can get a more detailed and special angle of shooting by using drone photography. Using a drone, quickly note the beauty of a place. This type of photography allows you to gain a new perspective and gain a deeper understanding of not only your subject but also its surroundings.

With our Aerial Photography services, you can take your pictures and portfolios to the next level! Local Aerial Photography invests a lot in imagination and planning, planning what our team will do for our clients. You will experience the fascinating side of this profession not just for your business needs but also for your personal portfolio when you choose to work with us.

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